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Ideal for the nutrition of the whole family!
Gather seven different grains that provide high nutritional value:

Presentation of 200 and 60gr

1. Rice
2. Soy
3. Barley
4. Oats
5. Bean
6. Lentil
7. Corn

It is a pre-cooked product which makes the digestion of its nutrients easier and reduces the time taken for its preparation.
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Alimentos Precocidos de Colombia S.A.

http://www.precolsa.com.co Our company has all the infrastructure and technology for the production of Precooked Foods from cereals and oilseeds (human consumption), its production process stands out, thanks to the specialized machinery that our company owns for the production of Extruded food, However , the Extrusion process is a DIFFERENTIATING factor in the elaboration of our products, because it is a fast, continuous and homogeneous cooking process that results in the following nutritional benefits:

 It favors the safety of food.
 Preserves the quality and quantity of the nutrients in the product.
 Facilitates the interaction between proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, improving the assimilation and digestibility of nutrients in the body.
 The products that are made are of high quality.
 There is no pollution of the environment, because it is a process that generates neither solid nor liquid waste.